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With high-quality platinum piping and a removable, washable cover.

From CHF 2'050.—

BELLISSIMA Rtronic System Y4 A7453

riposa Bellissima Luxe mattress

The innovative R.tronic system of this mattress, with metal-free spring elements, supports the spine in your sleep movements. The ergonomic features of the riposa Bellissima back support mattress guarantee that your sleep is both relaxing and restorative. The Luxe version has platinum edging and a Climaborder.


Ergonomic body posture

The ergonomically designed core architecture with metal-free Protect elements perfectly aligns the spine in any sleeping and body position.

Shoulder zone

Special riposa shoulder and neck zone with extra dynamic suspension.

High surface comfort

The adaptive latex surface with high comfort effect ensures optimum ventilation.

Skin-friendly cover

The cover is particularly kind to the skin thanks to the silk components underneath the swisswool lining.

Anti-allergic material

A washable version with a climate-fibre lining is available for allergy sufferers.

High-quality piping and Climaborder

The side elements with ventilation channels and robust handles are rounded off by high-quality platinum piping.

Kern BELLISSIMA hinten offen
metal-free Bellissima core
BELLISSIMA extradynamische Federung Y4 A7457
Ultra-dynamic spring system
BELLISSIMA Protect Element 4 Y4 A7592
R.tronic system featuring stylish metal-free Protect-Elements
Climaborder: Sides with ventilation channels and stable hand grips
BELLISSIMA Bezug mit Seide 07 B6112
Eudermic riposa-cover material with silk

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