Slatted bases

Reflex 5 product teaser


Slatted base for precise body moulding.

Riposa Flex product teaser

riposa Flex

The lightweight aluminium slatted base, with multilayered beech wood spring slats.

Flatflex 2022 product teaser 2000x1600px

available online


The extra-flat and extra-light slatted base.

Carbon Flex Luxe 2022 product teaser 2000x1600px

Carbon Flex Luxe

The high-end lounger with Boxspring-Inside.

Carbon Single Flex 2022 product teaser 2000x1600px

Carbon Single Flex

The unlimited sleep surface.

Combi Flex product teaser

Combi Flex

The classic wooden slatted base.

Slatted bases

In sleep we seek rest and recuperation. For this to be possible, we need to lie on the mattress in the correct anatomical position and feel completely comfortable. The insert frame also plays a decisive role here. Together, the mattress and the frame form a sleeping system. At riposa, mattresses and insert frames are perfectly matched. Only with the appropriate insert frame can the mattress provide its optimum functionality and offer the highest level of sleep comfort. The slatted frame perfectly supports and adapts to the relevant points of each area of the body. Thus the Flex allows the body the perfect anatomical lying position. The Flex can also easily be made into a bed with runners or legs. Depending on the model, the insert frame offers manual adjustability or can be adjusted as an automatic bed with automatic drives in the desired lying, relaxing or sitting positions.